Top 6 Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures You Need to Know About

The debate over cosmetic dentistry being simply an aesthetic or a functional treatment option is age-old. Some believe cosmetic dentistry is only meant to beautify your smile, whereas some others vouch for its functional aspects. While neither of the perceptions can be denied, our experts at Sleep Dream Smile deem cosmetic dentistry as the perfect blend of art and dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry helps improve both the aesthetic and functional aspects of a person’s smile. Technological advancements over the last few years have ensured that cosmetic dentistry has much more to offer to all its patients. Dentists can now easily treat any dental anomaly harming your appearance or making the basic function of chewing your food difficult. For example, misaligned teeth, chipped or broken teeth, and missing teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry is now mainstream

With increased awareness, the popularity of cosmetic dentistry is increasing. People are opening and asking for ways to improve their smile. Why don’t you also make the most of it and leave your dental worries behind?

cosmetic dentistry

Here are the 6 major types of cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help dentists treat your smile.

1. Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and Onlays are porcelain pieces used to replace missing parts of natural teeth. They are used to treat damage caused to teeth due to decay or accidents. Inlays are placed submerged in teeth and strengthen the form of teeth from within. They are used in case of minor damages. While Onlays are used when most of the natural tooth structure has deteriorated such as cusp damage.

2. Composite Bonding

It is used to treat decayed or damaged teeth. Your dentist will drill out the decayed or damaged portion of your teeth first, and then apply a composite bonding material to fill the gap. This is a hard and tooth-coloured material which requires a high-intensity light to set in. Once secured, you are free to use your teeth like before. Composite bonding is one of the least expensive cosmetic dental procedures.

3. Dental Veneers

When the outer layer of your teeth, especially front teeth, has been damaged heavily due to accidents or aging, dentists often prefer to treat them using dental veneers. They are thin slices of porcelain which are placed and fixed on top of the outer layer of your front teeth using dental adhesive materials. Dental veneers can enhance the appearance of your front teeth manifolds.

4. Teeth Whitening

Many foods that we eat can discolour our teeth over time. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular types of cosmetic dentistry treatment to lighten the shade of your teeth. You can either go for an in-chair teeth whitening procedure or take-home teeth whitening kits. Be sure to consult your dentist before selecting any form of teeth whitening. You can find state-of-the-art Zoom teeth whitening solution at Sleep Dream Smile clinic in Blackburn.

5. Dental Implants

Teeth replacement is best done using dental implants. Made up of titanium and other friendly metals, dental implants are inserted inside a person’s jawbone to provide the support to the artificial tooth that is fixed on top of it. Dental implants can be used to replace any number of teeth and are known to last a lifetime if properly looked after.

6. Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic treatments are the most common type of cosmetic dentistry, used to treat misalignments of teeth. The major types of misalignments include overbite, underbite, and crossbite. Traditional braces and modern clear aligners are both used to give patients their desired aligned teeth. Clear aligners come with the advantage of being virtually invisible. We, at Sleep Dream Smile, provide Invisalign clear aligners to our patients.

You can contact us at Sleep Dream Smile to know which cosmetic dentistry treatment will suit you the best. We are open and functioning while observing every government guideline to fight against COVID-19. You can also call us on 03 9877 2035 to book an appointment.

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